Half way Point of the 12 Week Challenge – Feb 29, 2016

I am so excited to have something that is actually working for me.  I can’t even explain my enthusiasm for that.  Today marks 6 weeks of concentrated, trainer-led, food and exercise challenge.  Today I was 17.5 pounds lighter than day one.  I’ve lost 5 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips, and 2 inches off my thigh.  My body fat has gone down about 1%.

I am very aware I have much more to lose, but I am thrilled!!!!  Today we were in the pool again and I can tell I was stronger than last Monday when we were in the pool.  It’s still pretty pitiful compared to what I could do at age 20, but it’s an improvement each week.

The one comment I received from my trainer and his boss today was  EAT.  He said the days that I hit 2200 calories were highly responsible for that weight loss (3.5 pounds this week.)  I honestly thought he was going to say that the days I was at 2200 calories was just too much.  NOPE.  Eat, eat, eat, eat.  I’m trying.

I’d say 14 years ago when Ben was just a wee one and I was nursing him, Kristin Moynihan and I joined Weight Watchers in Gunnison.  I was successful then too, but I was much younger and I was nursing.  But that’s the first time I tried eating 6 times a day.  And IT WORKED.

So if you see me eating, it’s okay!

I will write about Marcia’s visit.  We had such a great time.  I just wanted to share my excitement for today.  And I have to keep getting our house ready for the class we have starting on Saturday morning (at 8:00 a.m.).   I’m going to keep up with my fitness goals even with the class.  We have a unique schedule for our class (3 times a week – every other week).  But it works for all of us, so it will be great.

Balanced Rock in the background – defies gravity!

Week Four Complete – February 15, 2016

Just in case I have followers of my 12 week challenge journey, I wanted to update you all on my four week progress.  I was down another 2 pounds so in 4 weeks I have lost 11.5 pounds.  My waist has shrunk a total of 3 inches, my hips 2 inches and my thigh 1 1/2 inches.

At first my thigh lost a lot, but it’s slowly creeped back up.  But my trainer is not concerned, because that can happen when you are squatting every day.

This week once again I need to EAT MORE.  I was at like 1700 calories last week and i need to be at 1950 calories.  I also have a certain percentage to hit on carbs/protein/fat.  So I am watching that more closely and forcing myself to eat.  Last night after working out, I made a protein shake.  I then ate supper and shortly after that ate a cup of cottage cheese and then before bed I ate some almonds.    Eat, eat, eat.

I also upped my “cardio” from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.  He was asking me to do something on the treadmill that he thought would take me 50 minutes, but I was getting it done in 30.  So now the goal is 60 minutes and tell him my Vertical Feet Distance after 1 hour.

I have the Gold’s Gym official before picture, but not at all ready to share that.  I finally took a before photo at home (waist up – of course).  I am beginning to think this process might work.

12 Week Challenge – Two Weeks Complete Feb 1, 2016

For all of my statitician fans here are the stats:

                                     Weight            Body fat          Waist         Hips          Thigh
DAY ONE                        X                     X                    X             X                 X
After one week                -4                     same            – .5 in          -1.5  in        -3 in
After two weeksTOTAL  -6                    same             -3 in           – 2.0 in        -2 in

So just to be clear – I have not lost a total of 10 pounds.  I have lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks.  I’ve lost 3 inches off my waist, 2 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my thigh.

Today after the evening workout.

It’s been snowing here and the boys had a snow day today.  That doesn’t happen very often here at all.  In fact I think this is the 3rd one in the 12 years we have lived here.  So we all loved that.

I don’t really have much more to say.  The workouts are kicking my behind and I stayed in my bedroom with ice almost all afternoon and evening on Saturday.  Sunday was a day of rest and I got way caught up on everything which was nice.  I was still stiff and sore today when I went into the gym, but as the day goes on, it gets better.
Have a great week!

12 Week Challenge Update – Jan 26, 2016

I am doing three hours a day of exercise, probably 4 hours a day or more when you add in driving there and back (Gold’s Gym.)  My week one was very successful.  This was the note from my trainer after week one.  
1/25/16.) #3 kick starter 8am semi/Ryan   1000’  VD 4: FND
1/26/16.)  1000’ VD 9:30FND 4pm semi/Mana
1/27/16.) 20 Min Stairs 15 min rower, 9am semi/Ryan, 4:30 FND
1/28/16.)  1000’ VD 9:30 FND 4pm. Semi/Mana
1/29/16.) #4 Kick starter 9:30 AB/Ryan 4pm semi/Ryan
1/30/16.)  8:30 FND 20 Min HIIT 20 min stairs
1/31/16.) OFF Rest recover cheat meal in a.m
Alright Patty here is next weeks game plan.  I think you did a great Job this week with the food getting to the gym, and the effort you put into your workouts.  A few  areas to improve on  this next week will be getting every cardio session in this week, keep the calories around 2000 by lowering your total carb grams between 200-250g, and last nutrition note is to lower sodium levels. Keep up the effort everyone is noticing at the gym.  We will discover the cheat meal later in the week. Please continue to ice your shoulder and any other nagging aches/pains you may have.  Shoot me a message on Facebook and let me know if this exercise plan works for your schedule this week.
My carbs were higher on Monday and Tuesday because I hadn’t figured out that dark, leafy vegetables are carbs and that is what I should do at supper time.  I’ve made that adjustment now and the carbs are right where they are supposed to be.   The above is my workout for the week if anyone wants to join me.  🙂  Week One I lost 4 pounds and a lot of inches.  1000′ VD – is Vertical Distance as measured on a certain treadmill.  I usually attain this in 40 minutes at a 10 incline and a 3.0 pace.  I keep working on getting faster than 3.0.  FND – is the Foundations class we all attend (Dave, Joe, and I).  It’s a one hour cardio/weight class.  Semi – is a semi-private training session. 
On Monday my 8:00 a.m. semi with Ryan was to walk with two 30 pound kettle bells back and forth until I couldn’t do it anymore.  Then I did 100 step ups and 4 minutes of bear crawls.  Then we did it again and again.  It was quite the work out.   Tonight’s semi with Mana was similar.  

Gold’s Gym 12 Week Challenge – January 18, 2016

In January, Gold’s gym holds a 12 week challenge.  I actually wanted to do this a few years ago, but the trainer I was working with highly discouraged me from signing up.  She told me I would not do well.

During our past few months in NLP, we have been working with several trainers.  One of them has been talking to me about signing up for the 12 week challenge.  He has said he can help me.  I really don’t feel like anything has helped me in the past 10 or more years, so I was very skeptical.  But I had a persistent friend who kept encouraging me to give it a try.  I stressed to this trainer, that I would need some serious coaching to be successful – especially in the food category.  He was very willing to help.

So on January 18, I began the Gold’s gym 12 week challenge.

The Gold’s Gym Challenge is a 12-week body transformation contest exclusively available to Gold’s Gym members. Not only will the Challenge help you get fit, exceed your goals and improve your overall health, you will also have a chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes!
In January, Challengers participate in comprehensive “Before” measurements and photographs. Then, 12 weeks later, final measurements and “After” photographs will be taken to document results. Each Gold’s Gym will choose their local winners who will then be eligible for the National prize pool!
1 male / 1 female winner in each age group: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60 and up
The top male and female in each age category at National judging will take home $6,500 cash and a Microsoft Band! The runner up in each age category will win $2,500! And the third place transformation will win $1,000.
In 2015, the average Challenge participant lost 12 pound and 11 inches!

NLP – August 2015 – January 17, 2016

As soon as Joe and I joined the NLP program (August 18 and August 20, 2015), I began going to the gym once a day every day.  I had always wanted a trainer’s help.  There were many times in the past few years where I had bought trainer sessions, but I knew they would run out and I wouldn’t be able to afford more, so  a lot of times I didn’t show up for my sessions.  I was defeated in my mind before I had even begun.  
But now that we were paying for NLP, we could see a trainer every day – multiple times a day if you were that ambitious.  I started out with once a day. 
September 2, 2015
September 4 – post workout
September 27, visitng my cousin.  (a good before photo)
October 18 with Jessica in Denver.
October 30, made it in the pool.  Very out of shape.
Nov 26 – Turkey Trot – Grand Junction
Marivel changed her schedule almost daily so I had a friend to work out with. 
NLP Group – December 2015

Despite all my attempts to work out, I had not lost one single pound.  This was very frustrating, but I tried to look at the positive things that were happening.  

Next Level Performance – What Have I Gained?
“My son and I began Next Level Performance in August of 2015. I committed to one hour a day, six days a week. It’s easy for me to become disheartened when I don’t “lose” weight and I was not losing weight. But let me tell you what I have gained. When I began NLP I had high blood pressure. I no longer have high blood pressure. When I began NLP I couldn’t do any exercise that required me to be on my knees. My knees are now strong enough for me to do all exercises. When I began NLP I could not squat or lunge. I can now do both. When I started NLP, my joints were so tight, I could not bend down to tie my shoe. I can now tie both shoes with ease. I used to take a nap EVERY afternoon. I now never nap in the afternoon. I used to have restless night’s sleep. I now sleep all night every night. I have gained a lot of new friends that encourage me each and every day. Just today, I said, “I just cannot do this (exercise) anymore.” My new friend said, “Yes you can. Just do 3 more.” And that was enough to motivate me to keep going. After the session, she thanked me and said that I inspire her. Funny – I was thinking how she inspired me!
I found this quote for my Facebook page for the New Year.  “May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues”