Thank you Ryan – April 11, 2016

A very special thank you to my trainer, Ryan for believing in me long before I believed in myself. He took my non-existent metabolism and taught me how to get it moving again. I have always felt that diet and exercise should be enough – not a boat load of supplements or products from the company trying to help you. Ryan listened to me and believed he could help me and he did. My 12 week challenge ended today but this is just the beginning of my weight loss journey. 33.5 pounds gone and 18 ¼ inches gone, Win or lose – I’m already the winner! ‪#‎winningatlife‬‪#‎motivationmonday‬‪#‎noessay‬
Ryan and me at the completion of the 12 week challenge.
Ryan, me and the ladies I work out with.

Author: pattysfitnessjourney

2016 has me on a Fitness Journey.

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